ON THE COVER: Retired U.S. Army Col. Paris D. Davis addresses the media just after receiving the Medal of Honor at the White House, March 3, 2023. (U.S. Army photo by Bernardo Fuller)

From the Editor:

We start this issue with the man on the cover, COL (Ret.) Paris D. Davis. His exploits as a young Green Beret Captain have finally been recognized. His recommendation paperwork was “lost” — twice! A very emotional ceremony, covered by David Vergun of DOD News.

My trip to Fort Bragg was a busy one. Besides attending a barbecue and graduation ceremony for the newest Green Berets and touring the JFKSW Museum, Lew Chapman and I were very privileged to get the VIP treatment at JSOMTC. We saw how today’s Special Ops Medics are trained and the new technologies they get to use.

That was followed by another treat at “The” SF bar, called Charlie Mike’s Pub. We went to see how two JSOCMTC trainers do Wednesday night mentoring sessions for students. It turned out to be an introduction to a fantastic pub “family” as well.

The Ground Kisser relates Thanh Boyer’s journey from a relatively carefree life, through the tribulations of a communist takeover of her country and a dangerous exodus as a 12-year-old, ending up struggling to get her family to finally join her here in the U.S. It is a touching story, eloquently told in first person.

We can all relate to an extremely well written and heartfelt story. Denis Chericone draws you in, telling about war reporter Catherine Leroy’s visit to his Khe Sanh SF camp. Much later, after her career was over, she ended up living here in Southern California.

Chapter member Tom Turney, a strong Montagnard advocate, had supported the Vietnam Fund for years. When the fund director retired, he reached out and found Viet Dreams, a very worthy charity to support.

A story that ties the medical and hill people themes together is that of Green Beret Medic Steve Schofield, told by Marc Yablonka. After serving so many years with the Hmong in his USAID Medic role in Laos, Steve continues to be involved with the Hmong community in Wisconsin, and he wrote Secret War in Laos: Green Berets, CIA, and the Hmong, published in 2019.

Then Marc entertains us with a story about his 1992 trip to Hanoi. It was not the modern city it is today, and not as open to outside visitors, especially American.

The wait is over! I attended an amazing play called Last Out in Santa Barbara in January of 2020. I was so impressed I wrote my first article for the Sentinel about it. As it turns out, it was their last pre-COVID performance. Read about their new performance schedule, starting in May in San Diego. Last Out stars Scott Mann, who will also be this year’s keynote speaker at SFACON 2023.

Be sure to check out the great lineup of SFACON 2023 speakers and activities, and be aware that there actually is not much time left to make attendance arrangements. The convention is just before the Indy 500.

We end with pictures of our members at the February chapter meeting.


How Miller
Sentinel Editor


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