Kenneth J. Atkinson
Kenneth J. AtkinsonSFA 78 Member
Company Operations Sergeant
Edmont T. Barrett
Edmont T. BarrettSFA 78 Member
An Army brat that dropped out of college to join the Army in ’68. The nineteen months he spent in Vietnam as a Green Beret had a profound impact on his life.
Steve Bric
Steve BricSFA 78 Member
A U.S. Army veteran, a Gold Star family member and an honorary member of the Special Forces Association.
Terry Cagnolatti
Terry CagnolattiPast President
My intentions were to join the US Army Military Police Service. However, I was introduced to SFC. Robert Nelson, one of the Son Tay Raiders. After speaking with him for a while, I realized that Special Forces was the only unit for me.
Robert Crebbs
Robert CrebbsMaster Sergeant
Active – 3 years Enlisted 8/21/64
Reserve – 30 years Retired Reserve 7/30/98
John Creel
John Creel77th Special Forces and 10th Special Forces Groups
After High School the Military offered me a chance to leave a dead end textile job. I enlisted in the Army and volunteered for jump school and served a fulfilling six years in Special Forces.
Don Deatherage
Don DeatherageVice President
I’m honored to be a member of Chapter 78 and even more honored being able to associate with men I truly feel are unsung heroes. It’s my privilege to be the Vice President.
Dennis DeRosia
Dennis DeRosiaSADM
Volunteered for the Army in ’69 after 2 yrs of college which included ROTC.
Jim Duffy
Jim Duffy
This webpage is a collective effort of many who served with Detachment A-109 at Thuong Duc District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam from 1966 through 1970
Thad Gembacz
Thad GembaczSept 69
INF OCS and Jump school Ft. Benning, GA (70) – SFOC Ft. Bragg, NC (70) – Germany 1969-1974