The Special Forces Association Serves as the Voice for the Special Forces Community; Perpetuates Special Forces Traditions and Brotherhood; Advances the Public Image of Special Forces and Promotes the General Welfare of the Special Forces Community.

Special Forces Association Membership Qualifications are as follows:

Membership may be granted to a person who is or has been a member of the United States Army Special Forces, to include the United States Army Reserve and the United States Army National Guard Special Forces Units, has completed Special Forces Training and has been awarded a Special Forces prefix 3, suffix S, and/or Special Forces Tab and MOS, and if discharged, has received an Honorable Discharge. Special Forces MOSs are those awarded upon completion of Special Forces Training. Membership qualification lineage includes all units officially listed on the First Special Forces lineage certificate are acceptable for membership.

Also acceptable, and grandfathered for general membership, are First Special Service Force, OSS, and UNPIK-8240 of Korea. The Ranger units of WWII and the Ranger Company’s of Korea are acceptable for Associate membership. Assignment to a MTOE slot or other position calling for a SF MOS or identifier does not necessarily indicate SF qualification. Associate membership requirements for non-SF qualified personnel are described below

The Association publishes a quarterly magazine, The Drop, which reports on the activities of its members, active SF units, Reserve and NG units, and Chapters. The Association has eighty-two chapters located in the Continental United States, Afghanistan/Qandahar, Thailand, Guam, Australia, Panama, Korea, Germany, Philippines, Okinawa, and Hawaii. The National Association sponsors an annual convention and individual chapters meet in their areas and conduct meetings and social functions for their members.

Visit SpecialForcesAssociation.org or call 910-485-5433 for more information.