Terry Cagnolatti
Terry CagnolattiPast President
My intentions were to join the US Army Military Police Service. However, I was introduced to SFC. Robert Nelson, one of the Son Tay Raiders. After speaking with him for a while, I realized that Special Forces was the only unit for me.
Louis (Lonny) Holmes
Louis (Lonny) HolmesPast President
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon RodriguezMedal of Honor Nominee
Rodriguez was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1982, after earning three Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars and five Purple Hearts during 32 months of service in Vietnam.
John Stryker Meyer
John Stryker MeyerSpike Team Idaho
In February 2011, Meyer was an associate director in the veterans department at Interfaith Community Services, a non-profit organization that maintained 170 beds for homeless veterans.
Mark Miller
Mark MillerRanger & Special Forces
Mark Miller remains very active with Special Forces Association, Chapter 78, and his LRP Association; Company E (LRP) 20th Infantry (Airborne), and company C (Ranger) 75th Infantry (Airborne) Association.
Don Deatherage
Don DeatherageVice President
I’m honored to be a member of Chapter 78 and even more honored being able to associate with men I truly feel are unsung heroes. It’s my privilege to be the Vice President.
Paul Turpin
Paul TurpinHALO
Volunteered for Special Forces training in May 1988, graduated in December 1988 and was assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group (ABN) as a SF Communications Sergeant.
Mike Keele
Mike KeeleCar Builder
Member of the Special Operations Association, and a life member of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.
Bruce Long
Bruce LongChapter President
It all began in 1961 when Bruce joined the Army and jumped out of airplanes at Fort Bragg, NC.
Richard Simonian
Richard SimonianOriginal Special Forces Soldier
As a businessman for most of my adult life, I can honestly say that a large part of my business knowledge/savvy came from the lessons I learned while serving with the United Stated Army Special Forces, more commonly known as the, “Green Berets”.
John Creel
John Creel77th Special Forces and 10th Special Forces Groups
After High School the Military offered me a chance to leave a dead end textile job. I enlisted in the Army and volunteered for jump school and served a fulfilling six years in Special Forces.
John Joyce
John JoyceThe Motivator
I am honored to be a member of Special Forces Association Chapter 78, surrounded by so many heroes.
Robert Crebbs
Robert CrebbsMaster Sergeant
Active – 3 years Enlisted 8/21/64
Reserve – 30 years Retired Reserve 7/30/98
Robert Richmond
Robert RichmondNous Defions
After I saw all the cool video tapes, I said. I want to be a Green Beret.
Jim Weldon
Jim WeldonCIDG Supporter
gt. Jim Weldon enjoying a tasty meal of canal fish.
Christopher Martin
Christopher MartinSpecial Forces Medic
For his military service Martin received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He also has received two Army Commendation Medals, Six Army Achievement Medals and the joint Armed Forces Service Ribbon among numerous others.
Jim Duffy
Jim Duffy
This webpage is a collective effort of many who served with Detachment A-109 at Thuong Duc District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam from 1966 through 1970
 Gary Lewis MacNamara
Gary Lewis MacNamaraLieutenant Colonel
Total Years of Service: 28 Years 1 Month
Thad Gembacz
Thad GembaczSept 69
INF OCS and Jump school Ft. Benning, GA (70) – SFOC Ft. Bragg, NC (70) – Germany 1969-1974
William B. Welker
William B. WelkerMEMS
Gained a respectable level of experience and expertise with the “street gang” subculture and their often misinterpreted predisposition to urban/domestic terrorism.
Dennis DeRosia
Dennis DeRosiaSADM
Volunteered for the Army in ’69 after 2 yrs of college which included ROTC.
Kenn Miller
Kenn MillerLong Range Reconnaissance
Kenn Miller attended, enjoyed the hell out of, and graduated from MAC-V Recondo School.
Robert E. Atkinson (D)
Robert E. Atkinson (D)SFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Edmont T. Barrett
Edmont T. BarrettSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Arthur E. Cameron
Arthur E. CameronSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
John L. Creel
John L. CreelSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Arthur N. Dolick
Arthur N. DolickSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
John Chi Du
John Chi DuSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
J. R. Estrella
J. R. EstrellaSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Maury L. Fein
Maury L. FeinSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Ronald J. Ferraro
Ronald J. FerraroSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Gilbert T. Gembacz
Gilbert T. GembaczSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Manuel A. Gonzales
Manuel A. GonzalesSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Ronald C. Hamm
Ronald C. HammSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Henry C. Herpers
Henry C. HerpersSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Ronald C. Huegel
Ronald C. HuegelSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Steven A. Lamb
Steven A. LambSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Thomas A. Redfern
Thomas A. RedfernSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Albert M. Roth
Albert M. RothSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Fritz Saalmann
Fritz SaalmannSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Salvador L. Sanders
Salvador L. SandersSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
David R. Stone
David R. StoneSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
David L. Thomas
David L. ThomasSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available
Aloysius J. Watts
Aloysius J. WattsSFA 78 Member
No Profile Available