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The World’s First Combat H.A.L.O Jump
In the January 2015 Sentinel, Mike Perry of granted us permission to print his story of how SOG Recon Team Florida stepped off the ramp of a C-130 at 18,000 feet over Laos on 28 November 1970. Billy Waugh, Army Special Forces legend and CIA paramilitary officer, who passed away in April, was in charge of the combat HALO effort for Command and Control North.

Cliff Newman’s and HALO’s First Combat Jump — What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Mike Keele, a member of Chapter 78 whom we also lost in April, has been a frequent contributor to the Sentinel. In May 2019, in his inimitable style, he wrote about RT Florida member Cliff Newman’s presentation at the April 2019 Chapter meeting, where Cliff shared his memories of the November 1970 HALO jump.

ON THE COVER: Volunteers in San Luis Obispo, California, carry a panel to be installed into The Wall That Heals, a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. (Courtesy Rick Carter)

A Retired Green Beret Needs Your Help

Retired Army Special Forces soldier Brad Boyer is a current doctoral student with Grand Canyon University (GCU) pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in General Psychology with an emphasis in Performance Psychology. He is in the process of writing a dissertation on “The Effect of Physical Exercise on Quality-of-Life for Disabled Veterans” and is in desperate need of people to participate in his study.

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