[headline h=”3″]ROTC Awards given in 2012.[sub_title]Click each cadet’s name for more information[/sub_title][/headline]

Following chapter tradition we continue to support five local university ROTC programs with the Special Forces Award for outstanding achievement. These universities are, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southern California, California State University Fullerton and Claremont/McKenna College. Many of these programs are actually composite ROTC classes consisting of cadets from other local schools, such as Biola for CSU Fullerton, California State University Long Beach with USC, and California State University San Bernardino with Claremont. There are many more, but too numerous to list.

[headline h=”5″]This years’ awards included the Special Forces Certificate for Excellence, The Special Forces Medal of Merit, and a Chapter 78 Challenge Coin.[/headline]
[headline h=”5″]The cadets from Claremont McKenna and Cal State “U” Fullerton both were give a check for $250.00. This money was donated by Chapter 78 and chapter member Mike Keele.[/headline]


[toggle_content title=”Cadet Rory Hight - University of Southern California”]
Terry Cagnolatti and USC ROTC Cadet Rory Hight.

Terry Cagnolatti and USC ROTC Cadet Rory Hight.

[toggle_content title=”Cadet Tina A. Tu - California State University Fullerton”]
Cadet Tu sent a very nice "Thank You" letter to Chapter 78.

Cadet Tu sent a very nice “Thank You” letter to Chapter 78.


Claremont McKenna College. Cadet William J. McGulgan

University of California at Los Angeles. Cadet David Zhang