I started out with C Co, 3rd BN, 12th SFG(A). Then I stayed on when it changed to the National Guard’s A Co, 5th BN, 19th SFG(A). I started with them as an MI Officer. Then when they did away with the postion I went all the way SF. I was a Det. Commander then the Co. XO.

When I needed to promote, I had to find a new home. Now, I am needing to promote again (I go before the LTC Board Sept. 13) and have left the Nasty Guard and now back in the Army Reserves. In Dec 04 I was assigned to the 425th CA BN in Santa Barbara. By Jan 05 (the very next month), they told me I was going to Iraq, and “oh, by the way, you are going to command a company from Ft. Lewis, WA”. So, I am the CO of B Company, 448th CA BN of CA Task Force 351, of the Multi-National Forces-Iraq (MNF-I). Pretty damn confusing if you ask me!

To really complicate matters, the 448th has 7 Companies instead of just 3 and whereas I have 8 Teams instead of 5. Therefore, I have the largest Company in the largest Battalion in the entire task force! My AOR covers more than 3,000 sq/km. Less than half the size of Los Angeles County, but with more than half the population (around 6 million).

And “No, Civil Affairs is not like PsyOps”. Both are Special Operations Forces under Army Special Operations Command, but they have very separate and distinct missions.

Civil Affairs concerns itself with infrastructure rebuilding and Humanitarian Assistance. Whereas Psyops is concerned with propaganda, TV ads, leaflets, radio announcements…media stuff (not to be confused with the PAO, who has to report the truth).

We are now and have been gearing up for the Constitutional Referendum on Oct. 15th. This is a large undertaking and we are all moving heaven and earth to help the Iraqi’s make it happen safely. We are working with our supported Brigade to sweep the area of Bad Guys so that it will be a safe process. Late nights and early mornings are the norm, but it is for a good cause.

Manpower is turning out to be interesting. As my personnel take their two week leave (which with travel time to and from works out to be about 3 weeks), I have to juggle schedules and mission requirements. But hey, it’s for the troops. We manage…short, but we manage!

Doesn’t sound as though too much has changed! Mac has been getting “Frisky” as you say, but that may be because he is so close to retirement he doesn’t give a shit.

As for Pete, well…that’s Pete. Mister “I’m in control” with absolutely no control and he doesn’t even know it. I really hate the thought of seeing what I will have to clean up after when I get back.

As for me… This internet they have here is going to drive to drink. I have tried several times to get a blast of info out to everyone and each time the damn net crashes. This morning I just gave it a shot before I started to get some other stuff done and it’s up. So, here I am.

The last bit of good news is that according to clandestine sources, I have made the Lieutenant Colonel’s list! I hope to have orders within a couple of months. This should be interesting!

Anyway, just some short facts of the comings and goings on at Forwarding Operating Base Loyalty. Hope all of you and your families are well.

[headline h=”3″]Editor’s Note:[/headline]

We are pleased to say that Jack has now returned home. We are proud to say “Thank You ” to him and all his Soldiers for their Commitment, Service, and Sacrifice.