2022 Awards

School/Presenter(s) Recipient(s) Date/Location Presented

USC: Steve Bric

Cadet David Gillies 28 April 2022
USC Los Angeles Campus
Los Angeles, CA
UCLA: James Cragg Cadet Paul Ko 22 April 2022
UCLA Campus
Ackerman Grand Ballroom
Los Angeles, CA

Claremont McKenna College: David Gibbs

Cadet Alden Wendt

23 April 2022
Mountain Meadows Golf Course
Pomona, CA
Cal State Fullerton: Gary Macnamara Cadet Lauren Cully 12 May 2022
Cal State Fullerton Campus
Fullerton, CA
Steve Bric present USC Cadet David Gillies with the Ch 78 ROTC Award

Left to right Chapter 78 member Steve Bric presents the Chapter 78 ROTC Award of Excellence to USC Cadet David Gillies on April 29, 2022 at the ceremony that took place on the USC campus in the SGM Building in Los Angeles, California.

Chapter 78 member David Gibbs, at left, presented the Chapter 78 ROTC Award of Excellence to Claremont McKenna College Cadet Alden Wendt at the Golden Lions Military Ball at the Mountain Meadows Golf Course in Pomona, California on April 23, 2022.