VAHP Receives $1 Million Federal Funding

WWII veteran Howard Koch, SF Original Richard Simonian, Representative Lou Correa, World War II Veteran Jack Gutman, who served in Iwo Jima, and Jack’s wife Mary Jo. Richard, Rep. Correa, and Jack hold the sign that represented the check for $1 million dollars in funding presented to VAHP.

By Debra Holm

On August 21, 2023, in Anaheim, Rep. Lou Correa presented $1 million in federal cash to the Veterans Affordable Housing Program (VAHP) for veterans’ housing assistance. This money is part of the $30 million package Rep. Correa got for local projects in his district in 2023. Correa teamed up with the American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG) for this announcement.

AVAG currently provides low-income veterans throughout SoCal with mobile home options and financial support. For instance, the ceremony took place at the home of a veteran, which will be rehabilitated using some of the federal funding to replace the flooring and the roof of his mobile home. AVAG currently has over 600 veterans in 40 VAHP-related communities, where a strong support system for the veterans has been established. In the communities, AVAG provides referrals to career training and VA benefits, as well as programs such as food drives, furniture distribution, clothing donations, and recreation opportunities.

At the presentation, Rep. Correa said, “All gave some, and some made the ultimate sacrifice. Our veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom, and we need to uphold our moral duty to take care of them—and these funds from our government, which I was proud to bring home, will assure that our veterans have access to dignified housing,” Rep. Correa said. “These are our tax dollars that we pay to the federal government being brought back to our community to serve our veterans—and I could not be prouder to have these funds go to help repair the homes that our veterans live in. Each of these men and women offered to make the ultimate sacrifice, and they deserve our support.”

Ramon Rodriguez, AVAG Chairman of the Board, thanked Correa for the $1 million. He said, “As a veteran, I’m honored to be involved with a veteran organization dedicated to helping our fellow veterans in need. Our goal is to thank and support our veterans by providing affordable housing options, rent assistance, home repairs, and other practical support. We are especially grateful to Congressman Correa for providing the opportunity to receive this grant of $1 million, which will allow us to help many more veterans in need.”