Special Operations Task Force-71, Afghanistan, 2007

By Alex Quade, War Reporter, Honorary SFA National Lifetime Member

Sentinel readers are getting this exclusive “sneak peek” at SOTF-71’s photos of some of the ops leading to, during, and after “that Chinook shootdown op” in Sangin and Northern Helmand, Afghanistan, spring/summer 2007. “We knew what we were facing in Helmand Province,” SOTF-71 CDR Pat Mahaney said. “It was extremely kinetic,” ODA-726 CDR Pat Nelson added. 7SFG ODAs engaged in more than 235-TICs (troops in contact) during their 217-day rotation. Unfortunately, three 1st Batt, 7SFG Green Berets were KIA during the intense fighting and high ops tempo. Afghanistan was the most dangerous place on the planet at the time — a fact most were unaware of, as public focus had shifted to Iraq. (Read Alex Quade’s stories in the August 2021 Sentinel, and her upcoming book to learn more.)


SSG Michael D Thomas

SSG Michael D. Thomas, 18B
(KIA 27 APR 2007)

SGT Timothy Padgett

SGT Timothy Padgett, 18D
(KIA 08 MAY 2007)

SSG Joshua Whitaker

SSG Michael D. Thomas, 18B
(KIA 27 APR 2007)

Special Operations in Action