SFACON 2023: High Speed – Low Drag Indianapolis, Indiana May 22-26, 2023

SFACON2023 promises to be fast-paced and jam-packed full of fun, learning, and excitement. While honoring our brothers killed in action over the decades.

The Special Forces Association National Convention 2023 will be an exciting and unique opportunity for former members of the United States Army Special Forces community and their families to come together in Indianapolis, Indiana, and celebrate another year of the Regiment. The convention we have planned for 2023 will be one to remember, as the city of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are both so excited to be the site of this convention that they’ve opened their doors to our Regiment to participate in the festivities in a number of ways.

Who is telling our stories right now?

Who will be telling our stories a year from now?

Are our stories even being told?

This year’s convention will focus on the stories of our history, present, and future, with a priority on our Regiment and their families expressing their stories in their own words to inspire a future generation and ensure the stories are not lost forever. The emphasis of the convention will be on hearing some of the diverse stories of Special Forces in the past, what is going on in the regiment now, and thoughts about what the future may bring.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend panels and meet Special Forces veterans who will talk about their experiences in the Regiment and how it shaped them. While we are still confirming some names to take part and speak in the nearly week-long convention, two key guests, Scott Mann and Jeff Tiegs, have confirmed and we will be excited to welcome them to Indianapolis.

During the conference, we will be running 8-10 interview capture stations for 20-30 minutes to collect everyone’s tales. We will request that everyone who comes participate to the fullest extent possible.

This isn’t all, though. In addition to the numerous speaking engagements scheduled, guests will also gain exclusive access to the events surrounding one of the biggest races in the world: the Indianapolis 500. Attendees of the convention will get to enjoy a weekend of activities and events through local educational tours and entertainment.

Two of our featured speakers, Scott Man and Jeff Tiegs

Scott Mann is a retired Green Beret who continues his work for the Regiment as a motivational speaker and an advocate for veteran’s rights and causes through some of his internationally recognized work in Afghanistan rescuing our allies from the chaos that unfolded during the withdrawal in 2021, to his play Last Out: An Elegy of A Green Beret.

Scott Mann and Afghan Special Forces Sergeant Nezam.

Scott Mann, right, with Afghan Special Forces Sergeant Nezam. (Courtesy Scott Mann)