ST Idaho in December 1968 at FOB 1, Phu Bai a few days before the Christmas Day mission. Front, kneeling from left: Nguyen Van Sau (Vietnamese Team Leader), Tuan (grenadier), Cau and Nguyen Cong Hiep (interpreter). Standing, from left: Lynne M. Black Jr., Don Wolken, when he was a Covey Rider for SOG at FOB 1, Phouc (point man), John S. Meyer (One Zero), Robert J. “Spider” Parks — after returning from a mission as a Covey Rider, and Chau.

By Greg Walker

Command Sergeant Major (ret) Robert “Spider” Parks passed away after a serious fall that left him in a coma for several weeks. He was overseas and continuing his search for the Missing in Action / Killed in Action. “We say we leave no one behind but we have,” Parks said. “We said we didn’t have troops in Laos and Cambodia also but we did.”

Spider was my battalion sergeant-major at 3/7th SFG(A) in Panama. We linked back up last year at the SOA reunion, which Spider never missed attending until this last one due to his hospitalization. Our community just learned of his passing on October 30th this year. If you didn’t know Spider, this is a very good article about him and his mission after retirement — https://www.theredstonerocket.com/news/article_0a790ad6-0f08-11e7-9b87-a33864bf4b0d.html

God bless you, Spider. Thank you for your service, your sacrifices, and your impeccable example as a “Quiet Professional.” DOL! – GW

Robert “Spider” Parks in Vietnam.

Robert “Spider” Parks in Vietnam.

A more recent photo of Spider Parks.